COVID-19 Prevention

Ionogen™ Air Purifiers & Cleaners

Physicians' Pharmaceutical Corporation is an authorized distributor of Ionogen™ and Ionopure™ products. These revolutionary cleaning solutions are safe for schools, businesses, churches, homes, and many healthcare settings. The hypochlorous-based products are effective at blocking the spread of COVID-19 (and many other viruses and pathogens) and are available in a wide variety of delivery methods to suit your specific needs. The use of Ionogen™ products can result in dramatic reductions in material and labor costs compared to other coronavirus mitigation services.

COVID-19 Air Sanitizing Humidifiers

Air Cleaning Humidifiers

Ionopure™ air cleaners are an effective way to combat the spread of COVID-19. No toxic chemicals or residues and no surface wiping makes this one of the simplest ways to prevent coronavirus. Safe for humans, pets*, plants, and food. One mister covers up to 5,000 square feet.

COVID-19 Spray Bottle Disinfectants

Spray Bottle Surface Cleaners

Clean virtually anything with Ionopure™ products. Specialty products include pet wash, produce wash, and CPAP cleaner. Refillable bottles help keep costs as low as possible. Simply spray and walk away—the hypochlorous solution does the rest!

COVID-19 Commercial Fogger

Commercial Misters/Foggers

Purify the air in classrooms, gyms, churches, offices, and other commercial applications with these commercial misters and foggers. These sanitizers cover 10,000 square feet with only 3 liters (0.8 gallons) of disinfectant solution—simply spray and walk away.

COVID-19 Disinfectant Refills


Ionogen™ offers convenient and economical refills for all of their residential and commercial products.

*It is not recommended to use an Ionopure™ cool mist humidifier in the same room as a reptile or amphibian.

We offer discount pricing and excellent customer service. Call (865) 671-7800 or email info@ppcdrx.com to learn more about Ionopure™ and Ionogen™ products.

We sell direct to businesses as well private individuals.