Why PPC?

What We Do For You

Whether purchasing products to administer to patients or for internal clinic use, many administrators and clinical managers simply don’t have the time to continuously monitor the vast number of supplies, medications and the vendors who supply them. Additionally, there are constantly medications your patients need that may be back ordered or in short supply. This can lead to price gouging and questionable sourcing. We constantly review pricing and availability for competitive pricing and quality sources. We guarantee pedigree.

What Does This Mean To You?

You can be certain our best efforts on pricing and supply are given on the smallest to the largest orders. You and your patients are our number one concern. We make your life easier.

Why We Do What We Do

PPC works for you and we hope you have peace of mind working with us. We are in the service business. Our company has been involved in the medical industry for many years. There is no complacency in our attitudes for superior pricing, product availability, and excellent customer service.

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