Wholesale Distributor of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

PPC either stocks, has access to, or guarantees a wide variety of top quality pharmaceuticals, including many that are supply sensitive, allocated and or backordered. Whether you are looking for products or services for medical practices, clinics, surgery centers and other facilities, whether independent or hospital owned, we will provide you superior pricing and excellent customer service.

Prescription Medications

PPC can provide all name brand and generic medications as well as a wide variety of vaccines, injectables and other needed items.

Medical Supplies & Equipment

PPC can supply a broad range of equipment and supplies for hospitals and clinics and the patients you serve, both on-site and for home health.


PPC can source a wide variety of vaccines in good supply, including: COVID-19, influenza, HPV, Hepatitis A/B, MMR, rotavirus, meningitis, pneumonia, shingles, whooping cough, and many more. Please contact us to request pricing.


We can supply most over the counter medications and nutritional supplements. Call to request pricing.

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