Expanded Patient Offerings

We are asked repeatedly by our customers to expand our services and provide other programs for better patient care and potential revenue. PPC currently offers the following ancillary services to medical offices, hospitals, student health centers, and private practices.

Allergy Testing & Treatment

We offer an allergy testing and treatment program for primary care physicians and certain specialists. These services are provided on-site at the practice or clinic and patients like the convenience of being treated by their primary care doctor and not having to go to another provider.

On-site Vaccination Clinics

We offer on-site vaccination clinics for businesses, employers and employee groups, and churches. We come to you with a variety of vaccines such as flu, pneumonia, shingles and others. We can provide services for large and small groups depending on your schedule.

Nutritional IV Therapy & Wellness

This solution will replenish, rehydrate and revitalize your patients. The service is delivered to your patients in office and can be scheduled by appointment for their convenience.

COVID-19 Disinfectants

COVID-19 Disinfectants

We are pleased to offer a variety of residential and commercial disinfectant products to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Through the use of aerosol misters and surface disinfectants, business owners and homeowners can limit the spread of coronavirus and other harmful pathogens. LEARN MORE

Call (865) 671-7800 or email info@ppcdrx.com to learn more.